Transform your HR with made-to measure HR advice

Transform your HR with made-to-measure HR advice

Improving your HR function gives you the peace of mind that you are compliant without the administrative hassle. However, as many providers gear their services toward larger companies, you could find yourself locked into an expensive long-term contract for HR services you don’t need and will never use.

The importance of HR for smaller businesses

There are three key reasons why any business with staff needs expert HR support:

  • Directors can focus their time on what they do best – growing their business
  • To ensure that your employees are treated fairly and are happy
  • To protect the rights of workers and abide by employment laws.

These are equally important to the running of your business whether you have one member of staff or 20.

Finding the ‘best fit’ HR services provider

Typically, smaller businesses do not have the resources to have an in-house qualified HR specialist and will therefore be reliant on an external provider. You may have come across some of the following issues whilst trying to access the right level of support for your needs:

  • Most of the well-known HR providers aim their services at larger organisations
  • Their ‘basic’ packages are surplus to the HR needs and beyond the budgets of smaller businesses (e.g. a small business with 5 employees might pay £135 per month with the well-known providers)
  • You are tied in to a long-term contract (typically 5-years) or will pay more for a shorter term.

Tailored HR support designed for smaller businesses

RfM Transform HR has developed a range of packages to better meet the HR needs of smaller businesses.

Here’s what clients can expect from us:

  • A more hands-on service, delivered by a specialist who will get to know the business
  • Tailored advice driven by the needs of the business
  • No long-term contracts – we are here as and when you need us
  • Flexibility and understanding – the option to increase allocated hours for a one-off fee increase, or roll forward/roll back time allocation if circumstances change
  • Bespoke HR consulting services on an as-needed basis*

Next steps

If you’d like to know more, arrange a no-obligation chat with our Lead HR Consultant, Diane Johnson, today. Email or call 07720 353450.

* Fees apply. Please ask for a quotation.

RfM Transform HR will tailor the advice you receive to the needs of your business

RfM Transform HR will tailor the advice you receive to the needs of your business

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