Business Coaching - Unlock your potential to be a great leader

Even If you and your staff consider you to be a good leader, working with a professional coach can give you the skills to become a great one – and bring positives that extend far beyond the workplace.


Digital technology helps protect your most valuable asset – your customers

Once you’ve got over the initial hurdle of acquiring a new customer, the next priority is to ensure you retain them. Competition is fierce and a poor customer experience – at any point in their relationship with you – can quite quickly result in them leaving, never to come back. Using Digital technology well can lead to a better customer experience, increasing their loyalty and lifetime value. You will also gain valuable insight and impetus from having a single view of the customer.


Why it may be harder to find good workers after Brexit

From 1 January 2021, when the UK leaves the EU, there will no longer be a general route to recruit EU workers for jobs with a salary less than £20,480. The new rules will significantly reduce the pool of talent available to fill so-called ‘unskilled’ roles, so businesses will need a plan to attract, retain and engage good people.


We’ve evolved - it’s time for a brand transformation

One consultant, one area of specialism. So began RfM Business Consulting just over 4 years ago. Fast forward to 2020, the company has grown and changed significantly. It’s also time for a fitting new name: RfM Transform. Managing Director, Tony Backhouse, explains why now is the right time to re-brand.


Transform the digital future of your business

Apart from the obvious, this year has been dominated by one thing: digital technology. Businesses that already had strong digital infrastructure have found it easier to survive – if not thrive – post-lockdown. We want to help as many businesses as possible secure their place in this digital future and are proud to launch a new service: Transform Digital Technology.


Time to transform? How to thrive (not just survive) after COVID-19

As we tentatively emerge from the shadow of the full COVID-19 lockdown, Tony Backhouse evaluates how the rules of business have changed and steps businesses can take to secure their place in the ‘new future’.


This project would not have got off the ground without the help of RfM. Not only did Tony find the funding, he developed our plans to enable the project to become real. Tony is incredibly hands-on and made sure the application proceeded smoothly despite the usual planning delays.

Martin Horner Bay View Childcare

RfM has provided invaluable support and advice to help us plan and prepare for this phase of significant change for the business. Tony is very well connected and has put us in touch with all the right people to help make the project happen. Tony adjusts his way of working to fit the size and nature of the business; I've found him to be really proactive and very hands on. Nothing seems to faze him! It's been a positive experience and we hope to carry on working with Tony through to the completion of the project.

Gary Grieve Furness Cars and Commercials

RfM were instrumental in helping us to secure R&D tax credits from the government. These are tremendously beneficial to a business like ours as they allow us to offset the costs involved in the R&D process – including the materials and the labour – and also receive a bonus on top.

Malcolm Snape StormMeister

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