Pay pressure in 2022 - and how performance management can help

2022 is already proving to be a difficult year for families and businesses alike. At the beginning of the year, many commentators said that a cost-of-living crisis was looming. Today, that feels very difficult to deny. Because of this, and the financial burden this brings to many SMEs, we're taking a quick look at how performance management can be part of the solution to these very real business pressures.


Plan for success in 2022

The new year is an excellent time to step back and look at your business.  Planning today can make all the difference for a better tomorrow. Now is a great time to ask yourself: what's working, what isn't working, and are you still focused on your goals and key measures of success.


Looking back on a transformative year

Like the year that preceded it, and for the same big reason, 2021 has been tough for many businesses. As well as Covid, supply chain issues, Brexit, staffing and other headwinds have continued to make the trading environment extremely challenging.


Carbon Action Programme (CAP)

SMEs are increasingly seeing the need to understand, measure and manage their impact on the environment. With RfM Transform’s Carbon Action Programme (CAP), reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint is simple and straightforward. RfM Transform can help you understand your carbon impact, explain and organise your carbon offsetting options, and we can do an extended review of the carbon footprint of your business.


Talking R&D

RfM is proud to have claimed nearly £2 million in R&D tax credits for our clients, with an average client saving of £11,000 per claim. A common trend when we speak to new clients is the uncertainty around what classifies as R&D. We sat down with our Director, Tony Backhouse and Consultant, Sam Stocker, and let them explain how your business may be eligible to claim R&D tax credits.


7 tips for improving your business' cyber-security

The digital landscape has many potential benefits for businesses. Unfortunately, there are also issues that all businesses should be aware of. We are currently seeing a rise in hacking. Hackers are always looking for new ways to break into business systems and databases – resulting in many significant data breaches in recent years. If your business isn’t protected against attacks, your data and (crucially) your customers’ data are at risk.


This project would not have got off the ground without the help of RfM. Not only did Tony find the funding, he developed our plans to enable the project to become real. Tony is incredibly hands-on and made sure the application proceeded smoothly despite the usual planning delays.

Martin Horner Bay View Childcare

RfM has provided invaluable support and advice to help us plan and prepare for this phase of significant change for the business. Tony is very well connected and has put us in touch with all the right people to help make the project happen. Tony adjusts his way of working to fit the size and nature of the business; I've found him to be really proactive and very hands on. Nothing seems to faze him! It's been a positive experience and we hope to carry on working with Tony through to the completion of the project.

Gary Grieve Furness Cars and Commercials

RfM were instrumental in helping us to secure R&D tax credits from the government. These are tremendously beneficial to a business like ours as they allow us to offset the costs involved in the R&D process – including the materials and the labour – and also receive a bonus on top.

Malcolm Snape StormMeister

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