Boost your people power with expert HR advice

Compliance, training, reviews, policies, contracts... Even if you only have a small number of staff, managing your HR responsibilities can feel like a full-time job.
However, whilst most small companies don’t need an in-house, permanent HR function, they will certainly benefit from having access to our HR Director-led services when they need it.

Access to a specialist, when you need them

Outsourcing your HR function will not only save you time and money – and a few of those staff-related headaches – it will also ensure your business stays up-to-date with current employment legislation and can attract (and keep) the best people.

Our suite of HR retained services give businesses of every size access to the expertise they need, at a frequency and cost to suit them. These are  complemented by our range of HR consulting and coaching services which can be engaged as needed to manage or resolve a specific issue.

Whatever stage of life your business is at – whether you have an established team or are employing your first members of staff – we can support you to bring out the very best in your staff and do things right.

On your team, for your team

We are focused on delivering a premium level of service and advice driven by the needs of your business, at a price that is competitive. The advantage of engaging an external HR provider is that we can step in to address any HR matters as they arise – so you get the advice you need, when you need it, without the financial burden of a permanent in-house resource.

If you already have a retained HR service, we can take an objective view of whether  you are getting best value from your provider. We can also work alongside other suppliers to provide ad hoc specialist advice that may be outside the scope of your arrangement.

Transform HR packages

Our retained packages are designed to meet the HR requirements of most businesses. All of our packages offer great flexibility with no contract lock-ins. What’s more, you’ll have access to pragmatic, tailored advice at a lower cost than other HR providers and Employment Law firms.

Safeguard & Protect

Our entry-level package gives businesses access to the skills and resources they need to comply with employment legislation and resolve people problems as they occur.


Our mid-level package is for businesses who want to systemise and create robust people processes, whilst taking the pressure to deal with HR matters away from the MD and/or senior managers.


This package would suit any size of business that is committed to creating a great place to work. Typically, they want to invest in their people but don’t need a full time HR Director at this point in their growth cycle.

HR Consulting

Our extensive range of stand-alone consulting services enable clients to create and implement a compelling people strategy which is fully aligned to the business strategy. Your HR consultant(s) will work in partnership with the senior team to improve their leadership and performance, and that of their team.

For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact us online or call Tony Backhouse on 07969 900864.

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